Our Horses

Meet our amazing Stirrups ‘n Strides horses! Many of them come to us from a previous “profession”. Here, they have a new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who come here for therapeutic riding, and they truly do just that. Each has their own special “magic” to share.  The horses receive tons of loving care from our volunteers and riders. We are so thankful for our therapy horses and for all who contribute to their care.


Age 16, Mini

Amigo has personality plus! He is leased to Stirrups ‘n Strides and has been with us for many years.  Amigo drives our wheel-chair accessible carriage & has a very special driver that loves him dearly. Everyone loves Amigo



Ben True Religion – BEN
Age -17, Warmblood

Ben was imported from Europe as a Hunter show horse. He was shown for many years until he had a leg injury and could no longer jump. Ben came to us from the Jacksonville area and has been with us for over 4 years. He has a very sweet disposition making him a very special horse.




Age – 14, Quarter Horse

Dallas came to us from the Ft. Myers area. He was used as a driving and riding horse. Dallas joined us at Stirrups ‘n Strides last year and is becoming one of our best horses.





Age – 13, Quarter Horse Pony

Kirby was used as a child’s horse and worked in a Girl Scout Camp for a few years. Kirby is new to Stirrups ‘n Strides, but looks to become a favorite of all. He is cute as a button!





Age – 17, Arabian/Connemara

Lazer was used as a combined driving horse and was shown for many years.  Lazer came to us from the Brandon area at the age of 8 and has been our driving horse for many of our athletes. She is extremely quiet and well trained.  Lazer hangs out with our Mini, Amigo, who also drives in the program.




 Look At Me Sail – LILLI
Age –  16, Quarter Horse

Lilli came to us from Merritt Island on the East Coast 3 years ago. Lilli was used as a 4-H horse taking her riders to many championships. When  her rider went off to college, Lilli was donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides. She does extremely well with our riders and at the shows.



Nick Fortunate – NICK
Age – 20, Oldenburg

Nick was imported from Germany and in his younger years he was used as a hunter and dressage horse for many years. When his owner wanted to retire him from the show world, we were fortunate to have him donated to us. Nick is great for our English riders, but goes western as well. Nick came from the St. Augustine area.



Poncho - 2017 Horse of the Year

Age -11, Paint/Quarter Horse

Poncho came to us from the Williston area and was donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides. His extremely quiet demeanor and very easy going pace makes him a very special horse. Poncho is loved by all. He was voted “Horse of the Year-2017” by riders and volunteers!




 Whispering Suite Image  – REGIS
Age -17, Morgan

Regis was a World Champion western pleasure show horse. After he hurt his leg, Regis was no longer able to be worked as a show horse. He was donated to Kathy Gray who leases him to Stirrups ‘n Strides to use him in the therapeutic riding program. Regis has personality plus!




Age- 19, Fjord

Signey came to us from the Brooksville area where she had been used mainly as a driving horse, but also for trail riding. Signey is used mainly for our walk riders. Her extremely calm attitude makes her perfect for our very disabled riders.




 Willowwick Southern Style – STEWART
Age- 16, Morgan

Stewart came to Stirrups ‘n Strides at the age of 5. He was shown in the Morgan Hunter Division until he hurt his leg. Due to his injury, his owners no longer thought he could compete in the big shows so he was donated to us. Stewart is one of our best horses and a favorite of many.  Stewart always takes our riders to top ribbons!



Tara Bare Lady’s Teardrop – TARA
Age- 15, Quarter Horse

Tara was used as a show horse for both 4-H and local shows in Marion County for many years. Eventually her riders outgrew her and she came to Stirrups ‘n Strides to be part of our program. Tara is used in our Veterans program and is great to work around.



Age – 19, Paint/ Quarter Horse

Tex came to us from a farm in Ocala at the age of 12. He was used as a show horse and also for trail riding. Tex is extremely well trained and one of our best horses. Tex has very unique facial markings with matching chest markings known as “Medicine Hat”. Native Americans revered the Medicine Hat Paint and these horses were sought after by the Chiefs because they are believed to bring good luck.


Age -19, Tennessee Walking Horse

Tucker has been at Stirrups ‘n Strides for many years. He came to us from Ocala where he was used mainly as a driving horse on the trails. Tucker is also a great riding horse and is used for many of our riders who need that smooth Walking Horse gait. Tucker is spoiled rotten, full of personality and loves all the attention.



These horses have a way of capturing your heart! Our SPONSOR A HORSE program is a way that you can be involved in helping to provide the great care that keeps them happy and healthy.