Our Horses


Meet our amazing Stirrups ‘n Strides herd!
Many of them come to us from a previous “profession”. Here, they have a new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who come here for therapeutic riding, equine therapy and equine assisted learning. Each has their own special “magic” to share.  The horses receive tons of loving care from volunteers and and participants. We are so thankful for our therapy horses and for all who contribute to their care.

At our Citra/Orange lake location:

Breed: Mini
Year Born: 2002

Amigo has personality plus! He is leased to Stirrups ‘n Strides and has been with us for many years.  Amigo drives our wheel-chair accessible carriage and helps out with our equine assisted learning program and kids group visits. He also has a very special place in our Veterans program. This little guy makes a big difference for all ages.


Black Jack
Breed: Mini
Year Born: 2005

Blackjack came to us from the Melbourne area, having previously been a certified therapy mini visiting hospitals and nursing homes in Kansas City for many years. When he made the move to Melbourne, he was retired and then donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides. Blackjack does great work with our Veterans program and is a joy for all the kids to learn with.




Stewart (Willowick Southern Style)
Year born: 2002
Breed: Morgan

STEWART came to Stirrups ‘n Strides at the age of 5. He was shown in the Morgan Hunter Division until he suffered a leg injury. He retired at an early age from competing in the big shows and was donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides. Stewart is a great program horse and a favorite of many.  Stewart always takes our riders to top ribbons!


Bodi (Bodi’s Smokin’ Blue Diamond)
Breed: Quarter Horse
Year Born: 2006

Bodi was owned by his original owner all his life & was used only as a trail riding horse until he came to us where he has turned into one of the best program horse’s ever! Bodi loves his job and loves the attention he gets from doting volunteers and riders.  His laid back and welcoming demeanor draws many to his side.




Poppy (Pop Star)
Year born:  2002
Breed: National Show Horse
(1/2 Arabian 1/2 Saddlebred)

POPPY was shown for many years in the ½ Arab classes, winning many Championships over the years. He has lot of style and he loves to show it! Poppy came from the Tampa area and was donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides to slow down his pace for his retirement years – he continues taking his Stirrups ‘n Strides riders to stardom!




Lilli (Look At Me Sail)
Year born:  2002
Breed: Quarter Horse

LILLI came to us from Merritt Island on the Florida East Coast. Lilli was previously a 4-H horse, winning many championships. When Lilli’s rider went off to college, she was donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides. Lilli does extremely well with our riders in the program and at show competitions.


Denny (GL Guys Jet Too)
Year born: 2010
Breed: Quarter Horse

DENNY was a professional barrel racing horse, but after injuring his hind leg, he was unable to continue with the demands of barrel racing. He rides well in both English and Western. Handsome Denny is a favorite of many riders and volunteers alike.





Ben (True Religion)
Year born: 2001
Breed: Warmblood

BEN was imported from Europe as a Hunter show horse. He was shown for many years until he had a leg injury and could no longer jump. Ben came to us from the Jacksonville area and has been with us for several years. He is a big horse with a super sweet disposition and is special to many.



Year born:  1999
Breed: Fjord

SIGNEY came to Stirrups ‘n Strides from the Brooksville area. She had previously been mainly a driving horse, but   did a lot of trail riding. Signey, is a steadfast horse paired often with our “walk only” riders. Her extremely calm attitude makes her perfect for our very disabled riders. She has an adorable teddy bear appeal and unique look of the Fjord breed.


Year born: 2001
Breed: Quarter Horse

JASPER was previously an obstacle challenge and trail riding horse. His past owner won many trophies with him. With his sweet disposition, quiet demeanor and small size, he is perfect for our younger riders. Jasper is very popular and also is a favorite in our Equine learning and Veterans program.




Year born: 2002
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

BANDIT was previously a driving horse and part of a driving team. He is also a trail riding horse. Bandit is one of our newest acquired horses and his fun-loving and sweet personality makes him a great addition to the herd. He is working out nicely for our riders and his sweet temperament gets him lots of carrots!



Year born: 2004
Breed: Quarter Horse

DALLAS came to us from the Ft. Myers area. He was previously a driving and riding horse. He is a great horse with a personality all his own. He is fondly nicknamed “Big D” around the farm. Dallas has become one of our best reliable horses and a favorite for many.




Tara (Bare Lady’s Teardrop)
Year born: 2003
Breed: Quarter Horse

TARA was previously a show horse in both 4-H and local shows in Marion County for many years. As her riders out grew her, she came to Stirrups ‘n Strides to be part of our program. Tara is a sweetheart and is great to work with. She is often partnered in our Veterans program.




Nick (Fortunate)
Year born: 1998
Breed: Oldenburg (Warm Blood)

NICK was imported from Germany to the U.S. as a young horse and competed in hunter and dressage many years. When his owner wanted to retire him from the show world, we were fortunate to have him donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides. Nick comes to us from the St. Augustine area. Nick is great for our English riders, but goes western as well. Nick is very affectionate and loves to socialize.


Year born: 2001
Breed: Arabian/Connemara

LAZER was previously a combined driving horse and was shown for many years.  Lazer came to us from the Brandon area at the age of 8. She has been our carriage driving horse for many of our riders. She is extremely quiet and well-mannered with a sweet disposition. Lazer hangs out with her Mini buddies Amigo and Black Jack.



Regis (Whispering Suite Image)
Year born: 2001
Breed: Morgan

REGIS was previously a World Champion Western Pleasure show horse. After he injured his leg, Regis could no longer handle the rigors of the show world. He was donated to Kathy Gray who leases him to Stirrups ‘n Strides for use in the program. Regis has lots of style and personality plus!

At our Hillcrest School location:

Year born: 2009
Breed: Mini

BELLA came to us with her two buddies, Cinnamon and Fancy. She loves her new job in the work study program at Hillcrest School. She teaches special needs students how to lead, groom, and go to horse shows to compete in fitting and showmanship. She is the little princess of the group.




Year born: 2013
Breed: Mini

BUTTERCUP came to Stirrups ‘n Strides with her friend Chip.  She loves her little herd and is the leader of the pack. She is larger than life – you can almost see the wheels turning when she is thinking. She loves attention and thrives from spending time with the students.


Year born: 2004
Breed: Mini

CINNAMON also came to Stirrups ‘n Strides with her friends Bella and Fancy.  As a therapy mini, she used to visit nursing homes, always bringing smiles to everyone around her. She works with our special needs students in the work study program, giving the students the confidence to work eventually with the larger horses. Cinnamon, also is used in the horse shows competing in the fitting and showmanship classes.



Year born: 1997
Breed:  Mini

FANCY is the 3rd mini that came with her buddies Bella and Cinnamon. She is a wonderful addition to our program and has lots of patience with students. Fancy will stand quietly as the student gets closer giving them confidence as they approach the barn. She is an amazing little girl.




Year born: 1996
Breed: American Saddlebred 

GEORGE was a big time show horse, showing all over the country with children and adults in the pleasure and gaited divisions. He was a show favorite and would adjust his performance to the ability of his rider or driver. He does a great job with the Hillcrest students and soaks up all the attention and carrots he can get.




Year born: 2004
Breed:  Quarter Horse

IVY was previously a reining horse. She suffered an injury and could no longer work at that performance level, so she was donated to Stirrups ‘n Strides. Ivy is naturally nurturing and she genuinely loves the students and all the volunteers. When a student dismounts, she will drop her face to the rider’s level and look them in the eye. Ivy shows a lot of passion and sweetness towards her riders.



Year born: 2004
Breed: Morgan

PAL is a real ham! Every morning when his gate is opened to his field to come in for breakfast, instead of running in to eat, he walks along with the person who opens the gate and wants to socialize before breakfast! He has a beautiful flowing flaxen mane and has an extremely comfortable trot. He loves all the activity with the students and volunteers and continues to amaze us all the time.



Yo Yo
Year born: 2002
Breed: Tennessee Walker

YOYO is such a sweetheart! He was a fancy show horse in his previous life. He loves people and would rather hang out with the students and volunteers than his fellow buddies. With his comfortable walking gait, the students who are nervous to trot find themselves laughing as YoYo starts his special gait. They feel like they are flying and are very proud of themselves.




Year born: 2003
Breed: Quarter Horse

CHIP is Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected and always dependable and reliable. He was a young girl’s pleasure horse in his past life. He will do anything to please our students and volunteers. He is great with our wheelchair students because he will wait all day to make sure they are secure before he moves an inch! If there was such a thing as a bomb proof horse, his name would be Chip!



Year born: 2004
Breed: Quarter Horse Pony

Everyone loves Boomer! If there was a re-make of the show “Mr. Ed”, Boomer would get the part, hands down. He was a Hunter Show Pony in his past life and was used in a lesson program. He is a wonderful addition to our group of horses and a joy to have at the barn. He works great with any of the students who need side walkers, he is the perfect height and he doesn’t care about all the people around him.



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