End of Year Party – May 2015

We just held our End of Year Party and what a smash hit it was! The weather was fantastic and everyone had a great time. The kids swam in the pool and the teens played pool in the house, while Ken slaved over some hot coals grilling some yummy hot dogs and hamburgers. Everyone brought plenty of food and we all delighted in stuffing ourselves to the fullest.

Betty presented all riders with a magnetic frame and pictures of themselves with their horse, leader and sidewalker(s).  From the smiles we saw, I’d say they were a big hit!

She also made some special presentations.  They were:

  • Diane Mason – Outstanding Volunteer for her dedication of keeping the barn and horses in order on both Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as always helping at our fundraisers and horseshows
  • Bill Fosher – Outstanding Volunteer for over 500 hours this year alone doing maintenance work on the farm
  • Becky Moore – Special Recognition for all her dedicated hours as bookkeeper, treasurer, secretary and even horse walker (& much more!)
  • Liz Biancamano – Special Recognition for 8 years of teaching our riders
  • Elaine Richter – Certificate of Appreciation
  • Suzan Hunt – Certificate of Appreciation
  • Catherine Sears – Certificate of Appreciation
  • Bobby Sears – Certificate of Appreciation

Stacey presented a gift to Betty on behalf of all the volunteers.  Thanks Stacey for organizing this and picking out such a great gift!

Betty presented Anita with a gift to commemorate her retirement as Volunteer Coordinator.

Anita, our retiring Volunteer Coordinator, recognized several volunteers for having completed 100+ hours this past year by giving them a magnetic name tag.  Congratulations volunteers for your wonderful dedication and thank you Anita for giving so much of your time to developing a great relationship with the volunteers! We all wish you a wonderful retirement (but still expect to see you at the Board meetings!).

Lorraine, our new Volunteer Coordinator, presented all volunteers with a Stirrups ‘n Strides branded frame with pictures of each volunteer taken during the past month.

The final award, the most FAMOUS one of all, was for the Horse of the Year:   TUCKER, our gorgeous and sweet chestnut gelding.  Tucker very patiently posed for pictures following his win!  Poncho came in second for the second year in a row (for those who are wondering).

Finally, here are some pictures taken at the party.  Enjoy!


IMG_7259W IMG_7265W
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IMG_7269W IMG_7272W
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IMG_7275W IMG_7291W
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IMG_7293W IMG_7294W
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IMG_7298W IMG_7299W
9 10
IMG_7300W IMG_7301W
11 12
IMG_7304W IMG_7309W
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IMG_7310W IMG_7313W
15 16
IMG_7315W IMG_7317W
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IMG_7318W IMG_7320W
19 20
IMG_7321W IMG_7322W
21 22
IMG_7326W IMG_7328W
23 24
IMG_7330W IMG_7331W
25 26
IMG_7339W IMG_7258W
27 28
IMG_7264W IMG_7267W
29 30
IMG_7268W IMG_7278W
30 31
IMG_7279W IMG_7284W
32 33
IMG_7286W IMG_7303W
34 35
IMG_7305W IMG_7307W
36 37
IMG_7311W IMG_7333W
38 39
IMG_7340W IMG_7342W
40 41
IMG_7344W IMG_7346W
42 43
IMG_7348W IMG_7349W
44 45
IMG_7351W IMG_7352W
46 47
IMG_7353W IMG_7366W