Buy a Bale of Hay… or 2 or 3 or more!
Each of our wonderful horses average three bales of hay per week! 

At approximately $8 per bale, providing hay for a week for one horse costs $24, for two weeks $48, for one month $96. Every bale makes a difference! Thank you so much for your contribution to this summer campaign in preparation for the winter months.

Please add special message: “Buy a Bale of Hay” when making your donation.

What makes therapeutic riding so special?

The bonding between horse and rider and the relationships with instructors and volunteers has now been proven to be beneficial to many with a variety of challenges. For the physically handicapped rider, horseback riding gently and rhythmically moves horses’ bodies, naturally mimicking human gait. Studies have shown that therapeutic riding provides the following benefits:

• Psychological bonding and relationship building 
• Lifting of the spirit, improved self esteem and self confidence!
• Increased attention span and social interaction
• Improved balance, posture and flexibility 

See how therapeutic riding made a difference for Kathy Gray — and is helping others.

“Someone that’s scared… I tell them, if  I can do it you can do it.” – Kathy

Together we can Empower, Enrich & Inspire people of all ages with physical, mental or emotional challenges.


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Thanks for donating!  Every little bit helps!

Please take a moment to watch this super video about our therapeutic riding program and its many benefits.