Sponsor A Horse

Horse sponsorships help to support the expense for the care of our therapy horses. Sponsorships can be made in a business name, a family name, with a co-sponsor or even in memory or honor of a loved one. Pledges can be made monthly, quarterly (3 months), semi-annually (6 months), annually (1 year) or for any amount as a one time donation. Costs to care for a horse are listed below.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated! Thank you so very much for helping to keep these wonderful horses happy and healthy.

HORSE SPONSOR  $2,000 – Pledge 1 Year of horse care

HORSE SPONSOR  $1,000 – Pledge 6 Months of horse care

HORSE SPONSOR  $500 – Pledge 3 Months of horse care

HORSE SPONSOR  $200 – Pledge 1 Month of horse care

HORSE SPONSOR  $ – Any contribution toward horse care

View a brief background/photo of our therapy horses:
>Meet the Stirrups ‘n Strides Herd
We invite you to come on out to Stirrups ‘n Strides and meet these wonderful horses, as well. They love visitors! Call 352-427-3569 to schedule your visit.

Make your pledge today by using the downloadable pdf form >Sponsor A Horse – pdf 
Or online cash/check or PayPal: I’d like to > Sponsor A Horse-web form
We thank you and our therapy horses thank you for your generous contribution!